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If you were a parent rep or coach in 2019 and received the NJSDC email on 3/3/21, you are in the master contact list and do not need to fill out this form.

1. NEW CONTACTS FOR 2021 ONLY: enter your team's coaches & parent rep contacts all as "parents" on one registration form and include the address of your swim club/team (under Home Address)
2. GO TO THE NEXT SECTION and you will need to assign all contacts to THREE ROLES: first assign to your team, then to your league (use 2019 league) and to their position (head coach, asst coach, parent rep).  See registration instructions 
hereThank you!
3. If you have existing 2019 contacts that are changing roles, or you need to have someone from 2019 removed from your team's contacts, please send an email to njsdc@optimum.net with those details and we will make the changes.

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