The 2022 NJSDC Summer Swim Season is HERE!

An email with information on the start to the 2022 NJSDC summer swim season has been emailed to all team contacts.  If you did not receive the email, check you junk email folders first, then contact us at njsdc@optimum.net.  Here are some of the items covered:

1.  The Conference registration fee will return for the 2022 season and is due in mid-June (or can be paid earlier).

2.  Mandatory Conference Meeting May 10th - The May 2022 Coach/Team Rep (in-person) meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10 at North Brunswick High School, 98 Raider Road, North Brunswick, NJ 08902.  ALL TEAMS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND .

3.  Contact Info - Please review your Coach/Team Rep contact information for 2022 in the attached spreadsheet, including all names, emails, phone numbers and each person's role with your team. If any changes need to be made, please go to the "About/Teams" page on this njsdc,org website and submit your changes, adds & deletes to your contacts. PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT YOUR CHANGES THROUGH THIS ONLINE FORM.

4.  2022 Dates

    1. June Coaches Meeting - TBD
    2. Championships - July 29th - 30th
    3. Conferences - Aug 2nd - 3rd
    4. Dual meet schedule will be posted on the NJSDC website soon

5.  The NJSDC conference recommends running your dual meets on meet software such as SwimTopia Meet Maestro. Seventeen teams ran their meets last season on Meet Maestro and it simplifies meet entries, seeding meets, scoring and consolidating results. Check out the Meet Maestro web site here.

6.  Should you still prefer to run your meets on paper & cards, please look in your team inventory...do any teams need Lane Timing Sheets/Pads to record times during dual meets. If you do, please let Judy Sharkey know by emailing her by Fri, April 29th.  For those that need, Judy will bring the lane timing sheets/pads to the May meeting.

7.  Championships/Conferences Hosts....please count your remaining medals and email Judy Sharkey your inventory by May 10, 2022.

8.  Officials - Information will come on Officials clinics. If you have any officials questions, please refer them to Karen Umbach.

9.  Mini-Minnow Meet - We would like to thank Brookside for hosting their Mini-Minnow Meet for the last many years. They have confirmed they will no longer host the meet. If any other team is interested in hosting this type of mini-meet, please let Laura or Wendy know.

10.  Roycefield Sprint Meet – scheduled for Sun June 26

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