To Coaches Re: Conference Entries

To all coaches,

I understand that A and C/D league championships have been canceled tonight and are rescheduled for tomorrow. What I recommend for conference entries is to use the extra time tonight to get them done and when championships results are received, make any changes that are necessary and send the file over. I am also a coach for Frog Hollow and we have always done this with our own entries and it makes it easier instead of trying to do them all at once. The deadline will remain tomorrow (Saturday) to send an original hytek file. If you have any changes, I will accept them until Sunday morning at 8am. We cannot move the deadline any later because we need to print program, order T-shirt’s, make timing and warm up assignments, etc. and this cannot all be done in one day. We have to accommodate 30+ teams and this takes more than a day to do. Please use the time you have tonight to get ahead of yourself.

Best of luck to all teams at championships tomorrow. If you have any other questions regarding conferences, please email me at

Maureen McKenna
Conference Meet Director 

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